System Diagnosis & Repair

The On-Board-Diagnostics System, also known as the OBD System, was originally implemented to monitor vehicle emissions, however, it is also able to detect problems occurring within the engine. The OBD connects to and works with the engine control unit (ECU) to help your engine run efficiently and keep emissions low. The OBD works by identifying and warning the driver of engine malfunctions by sending error notifications to the ECU systems. This is typically what triggers the “check engine” light on the dashboard to turn on. The OBD system records the code pertaining to the problem. A trained technician is able to access these codes using engine diagnostic equipment which allows them to properly diagnose the issue. 

Why Should you have engine diagnostic services performed at Newport-Mesa Auto Body and Repair?

Engine diagnostics keep your engine running efficiently. The OBD system detects potential problems with your engine before they are able to cause serious damage. That is why it is recommended to have engine diagnostics performed as soon as the “check engine” light turns on. Our experienced team is able to use special diagnostic equipment to detect these potential problems. Engine diagnostics also help with keeping emissions lows. If your OBD system has detected a potential engine problem that you don’t get fixed you could run the risk of failing an emissions test. 

Our professional engine diagnostic service can help detect problems with various parts of your vehicle including:

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • Crankshaft Position Sensor

  • Air Temperature Sensor

  • Knock Sensors

  • Heated Oxygen Sensor

  • Engine Speed Sensor