Auto A/C and Heating

With the moody weather swings here in Southern California, there’s nothing worse than jumping into a cold car during a winter only to discover the heating system doesn’t work. The same goes with your auto’s air conditioning system – who wants to arrive to work sweaty on a hot summer day. Newport Mesa Auto Body & Repair offers a wide range of automotive HVAC repair services at our Costa Mesa auto repair shop. Whether it's auto air conditioning repair, car heater repair or just routine maintenance, we'll make sure you're riding in comfort.  


Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services include the following:


Air conditioning

Air conditioning recharge

Ambient temperature switch

Blower motor

Blower motor relay

Blower motor repair

Blower motor replacement

Blower motor resistor

Blower motor switch

Cabin temperature sensor

Compressor repair


Control assembly

Control module

Discharge air temperature sensor



Heater core

Heater hose

High pressure safety valve

Receiver dryer

Refrigerant charge

Refrigerant leaks

Relays and modules

Vacuum reservoir

Vacuum solenoid valve

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